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Sourcing Period Furniture Items On A Budget

Achieving an authentic interior in your period property can be a challenging task.  Not only do you have to take your time selecting the right furniture items; you must also take into account the fact that they tend to cost more than contemporary equivalents.  As a result, you may have to bide your time, picking up bits and pieces over the years, before you achieve a complete look throughout your home.  However, there are a few ways that you can source period furniture without breaking the bank and which can help you speed the process along.

Local auction houses

Our first suggestion may surprise some readers, who would expect local auction houses to be selling quality furniture at reasonably high prices.  And it is true to say many lots will fit into this category.  However, there will always be a few items up for grabs with a low reserve price, which for some reason do not pique anyone’s interest – providing you the opportunity for a bargain.  It is worth bearing in mind that some auction houses will be used by self storage companies to sell off uncollected property, when rental agreements have lapsed.  In such instances the lots will have no reserve price, as the storage company looks to recoup whatever money they can, whilst freeing up space for another customer.  If you do try your hand at a few auctions then set yourself a limit for each item that you fancy and do not go above it.  If you can remain patient and visit a few auctions over the months, then the time you invest will start paying off.

Car boot sales

The British tradition of car boot sales still lives on and if anything is actually becoming increasing popular.  The economic climate means that more of us are looking to make a little extra money wherever we can and that means more sellers at car boot sales.  In order to have the pick of the best items then it is a good idea to arrive early and make some offers.  If you are really on a tight budget, then sellers are likely to accept lower offers later in the day, rather than pack their items away and take them back home.

Police auctions

Thousands of items are sized every year by the various police forces throughout the UK as part of their investigations into fraud, theft and burglary.  In spite of their best efforts, officers are often unable to find out who the items belong.  Eventually these goods are sold at police auctions, usually including furniture items.  Details of when and where these auctions are held are available on the website of each relevant police force.  You also have the option of keeping an eye on their online auctions -

Online options

Online auction sites are your final option and eBay is of course the most obvious choice.  However, the bargains that you used to be able to secure are less common in recent years; with many sellers now asking unrealistic prices.  You should also take a look at Gumtree and Preloved, where it is easier to find local furniture items that are on offer.

Many thanks to Safestore storage for this article.


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